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Applying Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga to your Therapy Program
Comprehensive Management of Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Disorders

Applying Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga to your Therapy Program

Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga are the new, hot fitness programs, found in abundance in community based health clubs all over the country. To remain marketable and in-pace with changes in exercise regimes, therapists must learn to adapt their traditional therapy techniques to include new, state of the art treatment options.

This intensive seminar provides therapists the philosophies and theories of each principle, after which, during lab sessions (over 60%), students will learn over 100 therapeutic exercises, which are available to use as patient hand outs for clinical use. Case studies will allow the student to formulate treatment options combining all four principles into easy to use clinical models.

Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga principles have been used throughout history in many societies and in many forms and overlap and compliment rehabilitation therapy models beautifully. These similarities include core stabilization, muscle re-education, postural alignment, symmetry, and movement awareness.

This seminar integrates non-traditional methods with appropriate patient diagnoses and clinical presentations to create a holistic, creative, energetic and fun exercise approach.

Lab sessions are numerous throughout the seminar: approx. 60%

We have been conducting therapist training seminars around the country for nearly 10 years and would love to share these great ideas with you.

If you are interested in receiving a training seminar at your hospital or clinic, please contact us at timdreher@verizon.net or (617) 527-9267.

Comprehensive Management of Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Disorders
Myofascial Syndrome, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, RSD (CRPS), Oncology.

This is the first class I started teaching in 1998. It has been taught all over the United States to PTs, OTs, RNs, and other health care professionals.

Course Description 

This comprehensive 2 day course provides concrete assessment tools for fully evaluating a patient’s symptom presentation, using subjective and objective measurements and standardized assessment protocols. Following an in-depth review of current research, treatment rationale and medical theories on orthopedic and rheumatologic management is discussed.

Lab and lecture sessions thoroughly provide students with a well-rounded approach to pain management, exploring traditional as well as holistic methods.

The many lab sessions include manual therapy techniques designed to address soft-tissue and joint mobilization and neuromuscular re-education.

Formation of a multi-disciplinary team, marketing strategies and the referral to adjunct disciplines are discussed to widen the scope of practice of the therapist.

The 100 page course booklet given to students contains all evaluation tools, home exercises, therapy interventions, and resources available.

C. What students have said about these seminars:

1. Tim is an incredible instructor, possessing and incredible knowledge and insight over the subject of Fibromyalgia. He has a gift for teaching very colorfully and with a great sense of humor and enthusiasm.
2. Tim was the best aspect of this course because he motivates us as therapists to look at this population and their treatment in a new manner.
3. A much-needed course. The topic is widespread, but there is not enough information on treatment available.
4. A lot of new, valuable, and practical information was supplied, but not an overload.
5. Tim makes sure you understand the concepts. He also does not read from the book as he has the whole thing memorized.
6. Well-rounded presentation that applies to all aspects of my patient treatments.
7. Excellent, informative, eclectic approach….it was great!


Tim Dreher, PT is the co-founder of the Fibromyalgia Associates of Marin and the former Senior Physical Therapist at Kentfield Rehabilitation Hospital’s Chronic Pain Program in Northern California, which boasts an 86% success rate in treating Fibromyalgia. He also assisted in the development of the CRPS (RSD) Protocol in use today. Tim was also the chief physical therapist at Hospice of Marin, which is ranked second in the country for comprehensive treatment for the dying.

To augment his therapy skills, Tim has trained in Myofascial Release, train/Counterstrain, Trager, Maitland, Feldenkrais, Rolfing, PNF, NDT, Nutrition, Sleep Disorders and Relaxation/Guided Imagery.

Currently affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and teaching at Northeastern University’s Physical Therapy Program, Tim also maintains a current private practice, specializing in Orthopedics, Pain Management, and use of Yoga and Pilates in Therapeutic exercise.

Tim is a national speaker with the Arthritis Foundation and has written many articles on Fibromyalgia for community newspapers and national journals. He has also provided pain program development to various facilities throughout the country, including Kaiser Permanente and LucasFilms in California

Tim’s unique blend of therapeutic modalities provides therapists the tools necessary to treat persons with chronic pain successfully.